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Ben Falconer hat ein Kreuzworträtsel entworfen, das auf den 1.000 beliebtesten Zugangsdaten bei Adobe basiert.

What is this?

The answers to the crossword are chosen from the 1000 most used passwords for Adobe user accounts from the recent password leak. The clues are up to 50 of the most commonly used hints for each of the passwords.

Why did you make this?

Partly because I had a look at the password dump and found it surprisingly fun to try and guess people’s passwords; partly to highlight how insecure most common memorable passwords are and how little you should trust that corporations, such as Adobe, are following best practice when it comes to storing them.

But isn’t releasing these passwords a huge security risk?

Not any more. The passwords in these crosswords will have already been guessed long ago by people who have far more time and computing power to put towards it.

For example Facebook is putting efforts towards finding Adobe passwords to protect their users, and Facebook has a lot more power at their disposal in terms of minds and computers than I do.

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Mein Tipp: Zufallswörter und ein ordentliches Passwort-Management-Programm schützen wirklich gut ohne den Komfort darunter leiden zu lassen. Für den Mac kann ich 1Password empfehlen. Was gibt es für die PC-Fraktion?