Apple doesn’t care about photographers!

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Apple does care about photographers — even professional ones. They care deeply about them. I’m not saying this because I want to believe it, but because I know it. I got the call personally from Apple for two reasons yesterday — because I run this site, and because I’m a professional photographer. Lots of pro ‘tog friends got calls yesterday too. This decision didn’t come lightly, it isn’t personal, and no it wasn’t made because they hate you, dear reader. It’s a business decision and a technology decision and they are going to do everything possible to support the pros as much as feasible. Will be the right solution for every pro out there? No, but neither was Aperture. Neither is Lightroom, or any other app you can name.

So why am I so sure that Apple does care about photographers? Look at how much of the keynote and sessions at WWDC (the recent Apple World Wide Developers Conference) was dedicated to photography.

Wie ein professioneller Fotograf und Betreiber der Website  Apples Ankündigung über das Aus der Foto-Software Aperture (und iPhoto) sieht.