Apple marketing executive says Samsung hurt iPhone, iPad demand


Samsung copied „many attributes of Apple’s products; its designs and features … the very essence of what Apple is about,“ Schiller told the jury on Friday. „If we don’t have that, we don’t have Apple’s business.“

Under cross-examination, Samsung attorney William Price tried to push Schiller to concede that Apple was not the first to create an attractive and easy-to-use phone.

„Apple doesn’t own a patent on a product being beautiful or sexy, isn’t that correct?“ Price asked.

„The industry does tend to follow trends of products that are doing well,“ Schiller said.

Price also tried to get Schiller to admit that Apple followed Samsung’s lead in introducing smaller tablets by offering its iPad mini. But Schiller said the introduction of the mini „had nothing to do with competition.“

„We were simply trying to make our product better,“ Schiller added.

Apple fordert insgesamt 379,8 Millionen Dollar für die Verletzung von fünf Patentrechten inklusive 114 Millionen Dollar für entgangener Umsätze durch iPhone-Kopien. Samsung sieht die Höhe möglicher Schadenszahlung bei 52,7 Millionen Dollar.

Die Koreaner setzen in ihrer Verteidigungsstrategie einzig und allein darauf, dass Apple nicht in der Lage sein wird, die genaue Schadenshöhe nachzuweisen.

Die Idealisten haben Recht, aber die Realisten bekommen es.