Chromebooks have a one per cent market share – and a tough road to the enterprise

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About 2.5 million Chromebooks were sold globally in 2013, or about one per cent of the entire PC market, according to market research firm IDC. But most of those sales were driven by consumers, not by enterprise users.

The Chromebook, introduced in 2011, is still an outlier for most businesses, even as it becomes an alternative for consumers and schools. By 2017, IDC expects the Chromebook to reach about 6 million shipments, or more than 2% of the PC market.

But how much progress has the Chromebook made into the enterprise? „Beyond education, it’s probably virtually zero,“ said IDC analyst Loren Loverde.

There were 314.6 million PCs shipped in 2013.

Chromebooks sind ein zahnloser Tiger.