Everything Tim Cook said—and didn’t say—about Apple Watch sales

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The broader point Cook was making—that Apple is playing the long game, and is trying to set the Watch up to be one of its flagship categories for years to come—seems more fitting.It’s undeniable that these sales figures are below some analysts’ estimates. And that the Watch isn’t going to be a major growth driver for Apple for some time—the company is simply too big for something to easily move the needle. But just as it took the iPhone, iPod, and iPad years to hit their stride, it will be years, not months, before the Apple Watch—and wearable wrist computers in general—either turns out to be a bust or a major hit.

Die Geduld haben Investoren und Analysten offensichtlich nicht. Das Erfolgsunternehmen Apple ist darauf verdammt, Produkte auf den Markt zubringen, die vom Start weg Rekordabsätze hinlegen.
Ist das nicht der Fall, handelt es sich stante pede um einen Flop.
Würde man diese Logik auch auf andere Anbieter anwenden, wäre die IT-Branche nichts anderes als ein Haufen Versager.