King of PCs, Lenovo Sets Smartphone Ambitions

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While Apple and Samsung are ranked among the world’s 10 most valuable brands by Interbrand, a marketing firm, Lenovo is not among the top 100. Lenovo has a high profile among corporate purchasing managers, who are responsible for many PC buying decisions, but its brand name is less widely known among consumers. Even Lenovo executives acknowledge that to challenge Apple or Samsung in smartphones, Lenovo will have to burnish its image. To do so, the company has enlisted Ashton Kutcher and Kobe Bryant as pitchmen.


They say consumers are looking for alternatives to Apple or Samsung. “I’ve talked to a lot of people in the industry, and there is a hunger for alternatives to the big two,” Lenovo’s Mr. Howard said. “It’s just the nature of things that power corrupts.”

Sagen das nicht alle Mitspieler in diesem Markt ab Rang Nummer 3? Ob Ashton Kutcher, Kobe Bryant und günstige Preise alleine reichen, um ganz vorne mitzuspielen, wage ich zu bezweifeln. Lenovos Smartphone-Strategie überzeugt mich bis dato nicht.