The Latest Theory Is That The Creator Of Bitcoin Is A Blogger

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In 2008, a person or group of people named Satoshi Nakamoto published the digital currency’s original spec paper. After lingering around cryptocurrency forums for a year or two, „Satoshi“ dropped off the map.

There have since been numerous attempts — comprehensively tracked by Hilary Sargent, aka Chart Girl — to determine Satoshi’s identity, but nothing conclusive has yet emerged.

The latest stab comes from an equally unknown blogger, who on a WordPress site called „Like In A Mirror“ apparently created just for the post explains how he used analyzed speech patterns used in the Satoshi paper to determine that a blogger and former economics George Washington University economics professor named Nick Szabo „is probably Satoshi.“

Möglicherweise hat die Jagd nach dem Erschaffer der digitalen Währung „Bitcoin“ ein baldiges Ende. Einer bisher unbekannter „Ermittler“ hat in einem Blog-Post hergeleitet, wie er auf Nick Szabo – aka Satoshi Nakamato – auf die Spur gekommen sein will: Er hat die Bitcoin-Anleitung von Satoshi mit Nick Szabos Werken auf dem Blog  Unenumerated verglichen und übereinstimmende Wortmuster und sprachliche Gemeinsamkeiten erkannt.

So listet der unbekannte „Ermittler“ auf:

Content-neural terms:

Repeated use of “of course” without isolating commas, contrary to convention (“the problem of course is”)

Expression “can be characterized”, frequent in Nick’s blog (found in 1% of crypto papers)

Use of “for our purposes” when describing hypotheses (found in 1.5% of crypto papers)

Starting sentences with “It should be noted”(found in 5.25% of crypto papers)

Use of “preclude” (found in 1.5% of crypto papers)

Expression “a level of “ + noun  (“achieves a level of privacy by…”) as a standalone qualifier

Content-bearing terms that have common synonyms in the field and thus could easily have been expressed in a different way:

Expression “timestamp server”, central in the Bitcoin paper, used in Nick’s blog as early as January 2006

Repeated use of expression “trusted third party”

Expressions “cryptographic proof” and “digital signatures”

Repeated use of “timestamp” as a verb

Professor Nick Szabo hatte erst Anfang November 2013 gegenüber Weird verneint, dass er  Satoshi sei. Jetzt nimmt die Debatte um die wahre Identität von Satoshi erneut Fahrt auf und wieder führt die Spur zu Nick Szabo.

Eine gute Übersicht über alle bisherigen Versuche, die Identität Satoshis aufzudecken, bietet Hilary Sargant.