Microsoft CEO Search: Elop slammed again in new leak


According to the brand new Bloomberg scoop, the two leading candidates are now Ford’s Mulally and Microsoft’s own Nadella. What I find fascinating is that the article goes out of its way to spell out that Elop is no longer a leading candidate for the top job. It is highly unusual that the CEO selection process receives such high-profile and detailed coverage by leading news organizations. And it is almost unprecedented that a series of articles has multiple sources specifically highlighting aspects of the selection process that are unfavorable to one of the candidates. Namely Elop.

Just a few weeks ago, Bloomberg leaked information that was deeply damaging to Elop in an article that claimed Elop was set to get rid of both the Bing and Xbox divisions if he became the Microsoft CEO. Another set of leakers informed AllThingsD that Elop and a few other leading candidates are “not quite ready for prime time.” What this means that there are several high-level Microsoft executives who really, really do not want Elop to become the CEO.

Bing und Xbox schreiben seit langem rote Zahlen. Elops Überlegungen, sich  – im Falle einer Berufung zum CEO  – von den beiden Bereichen zu trennen, sind legitim. Das im Vorfeld zu äußern war unklug.

Das Signal ist klar: Wer auch immer der neue Mann an der Spitze von Microsoft wird, wird einen schweren Stand haben und muss mit unberechenbaren, politischen Kräften im Konzern umzugehen wissen. Hier ist ein Manager mit starkem Durchsetzungsvermögen gefragt. Sonst bleibt alles beim alten.