Microsoft Should Be Worried About Google’s Chromebooks

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Microsoft wants you to believe that you can’t do anything with a Chromebook when you’re offline. That’s just plain wrong at this point.

At this point, it’s clear that Google and its hardware partners are in the Chromebook game for the long run. Google found an attractive niche for these devices in the education and low-end laptop market and it’s slowly building on this momentum.

The first versions of ChromeOS were indeed too limited and I could never quite recommend them to anybody. Ever since Google switched to a real window manager, however, and started adding more offline capabilities, Chromebooks started making more sense for everyday use.

Microsoft täte gut daran, eine Antwort auf die  Chromebooks zu finden. Sich alle damit zu begnügen, das Thema zu bashen, greift zu kurz und zeugt von einer gewissen Planlosigkeit.