New Groundbreaking Tech Can Charge Your Smartphone From 0 To 100 In Under A Minute! [VIDEO]

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The folks behind Israeli start-up StoreDot are doing just that, having just showcased their intriguing innovation at the Microsoft Think Next Conference that can charge a smartphone’s battery to full capacity in under a minute. Not only that, but their method works with the current, standard batteries found in smartphones today, and so once the system is ready for prime time, it should integrate fairly seamlessly.

Those familiar with battery technologies will know that the process cannot be rushed. Batteries charge slowly as a matter of safety, to stop them from blowing up, but the guys at StoreDot reckon they’ve sussed a way to quickly bump a battery to full charge without any kind of risky business.

Akkuladen in einer Minute ohne Explosionsgefahr, sehr coole Entwicklung von StoreDot. Hoffentlich wird die Technologie in wenigen Jahren marktreif.