Nokia mocks the iPad Air in Lumia 2520 advert

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Enter the Nokia Lumia 2520. In the advert, a sad iPad Air user who has had to pull out his laptop due to the lack of physical keys to accompany his tablet sees a pretty lady with a Nokia Lumia 2520, and thanks to its included keyboard, it seems he is immediately sold.

He’s clearly not concerned that he might not be able to get all of his apps from the Windows Store, or that the Lumia 2520 is rather bulkier than his Apple tablet.

Nokia also mocks the iPad’s battery life in the video, despite both the iPad Air and Nokia Lumia 2520 offering 10 hours on a single charge, likely referring to the fast charging feature of the Nokia tablet.

Schafft es Nokia mit dem Windows-RT-Tablet Lumia 2520 nicht anders Aufmerksamkeit zu erregen als sich über das iPad Air lustig zu machen… Ja.