With PrimeSense, Apple Got Key Mapping Technology

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Jessica Lessin glaubt zu wissen:

We know Apple cares about mapping. The company bought WifiSLAM, an indoor GPS company, to help it map out malls and another indoor spaces in a race against Google, which is doing the same. Sooner rather than later, our phones will pull up scans of real spaces we want to visit or may be approaching. Those two-dimensional maps will seem very  obsolete.

As for the endless anticipation around an Apple television, I continue to hear that the company is more interested in set-top boxes for now and that some early prototypes haven’t had motion technology. Sure, Apple could add that technology over time but I don’t think we should be holding our breath for a device or for one controlled by waving our hands.

Brian Chen lässt in der NYT einen Experten zu Wort kommen:

Mr. Bajarin said he was skeptical that Apple would be satisfied with using 3-D sensor technology for only controlling the TV. He said his research firm conducted a study with 125 users of Microsoft’s Kinect and found that many people were uninterested in controlling a TV with gestures — they would rather talk to the television to find programs to watch.

Und dann wäre da noch Juli Clover bei MacRumors:

With PrimeSense sensors, digital signs and displays can respond to people’s presence and movement via touch or „almost touch,“ which allows 3D sensors to „see the space between the user and the display.“

Apple is reportedly working on increasing customer engagement at its Apple Stores, through the implementation of Bluetooth LE iBeacons that would give customers additional information on products via their own mobile devices. PrimeSense’s technology could also be used to improve customer engagement, through the use of immersive, interactive displays and 3D technology incorporated into its Apple Store apps.

Womit wir zum Fazit kommen: Keiner hat konkrete Informationen, alles ergeht sich in reinen Spekulationen.