Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: six months later

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Joseph Hanlon resümiert über sein Galaxy S4 nach einem halben Jahr:

The Galaxy S4 is packed to the gills with tricks, tweaks and features; what some more unkind reviews might call gimmicks. So, after six-months of use, which features do I use?

The pedometer is a great addition and something I check almost everyday. I’m not sure how accurate it is, and I don’t need it to be super accurate. It gives me a decent guide to how many steps I take each day, so much that I have a fair idea of how many steps are in each part of my daily routine.

Apart from that, I don’t use any of the unique Samsung ‚features‘ at all. I turned off the Smart Stay and Smart Scroll eye tracking settings shortly after I finished the review, because they just don’t work that well. Smart Scroll means you basically have to nod each time you want to scroll down a webpage, and Smart Stay has the screen turning off when it can’t detect your eyes properly.

Similarly, the Air Gesture control is a neat party trick (I didn’t say gimmick) but it fails the everyday use test as well.

Christian Meyer

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