Slowly They Modernize – A Federal Agency That Still Uses Floppy Disks

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The use of floppy disks peaked in American homes and offices in the mid-1990s, and modern computers do not even accommodate them anymore. But The Federal Register continues to accept them, in part because legal and security requirements have yet to be updated, but mostly because the wheels of government grind ever slowly.


But the secure email system — which uses software called Public Key Infrastructure technology — is expensive, and some government agencies have not yet upgraded to it. As a result, some agencies still scan documents on to a computer and save them on floppy disks. The disks are then sent by courier to the register.

Das ist schon klasse, wie die längst totgeglaubten Disketten in US-Behörden weiter Verwendung finden. Super auch, dass die FDs per Kurier versendet werden. Doch halt, bestimmt gibt es auch noch deutsche Behörden, die die gute alte Diskette verwenden, oder?