Spritz – Reading Reimagined

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The time consuming part of reading lies mainly in the actual eye movements from word to word and sentence to sentence. In addition, traditional reading simply takes up a lot of physical space. Spritz solves both of these problems. First, your eyes do not have to move from word to word or around the page that you’re reading. In fact, there’s no longer a page – with Spritz you only need 13 total characters to show all of your content. Fast streaming of text is easier and more comfortable for the reader, especially when reading areas become smaller. Spritz’s patent-pending technology can also be integrated into photos, maps, videos, and websites for more effective communication.

Interessante Lesetechnik, die Augen müssen nicht bewegt werden. Damit sind bis zu 500 Wörter pro Minute lesbar, gibt das Unternehmen an – eine Steigerung der Lesegeschwindigkeit um 250 Prozent. Und es klappt tatsächlich nach gewisser Übung. Besonders praktisch ist die Technologie bei kleinen Bildschirmen wie Wearables. Samsung nutzt die Technologie schon bei der neuen Gear 2.