What’s Still Wrong With Productivity Software?

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What is a reminder? What is a task? What is a note? Is it a list? Is it really just for me, or are other people involved? Do I want to keep this for myself if I share it, or is it purely delegation? We capture a wide variety of information, but the lines delineating them are often murky.

It’s an awful technical challenge. In order to do that, you usually need context and structured data. At the same time, most people don’t use narrow or highly structured tools naturally. We gravitate toward flexible, structure-agnostic Swiss army knives, as discussed above.

But it’s a challenge worth tackling. The monumental opportunity in productivity is not helping people keep track of information. It’s building a direct pipeline between our intent and our actions.

Alex Schiff zeigt in seiner Analyse, warum uns die ganzen To-do-Apps ihr Versprechen – nämlich uns besser zu organisieren – nicht halten können.