Acer must focus on brand building, tablets

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To revive its business, Acer may need to choose leaders from outside the company who understands mobile products, said Arthur Liao, an analyst with Fubon Securities Investment Services.

„The company has suffered in the past two years, because its executives have had a PC-focused mindset,“ he said. „They spent a lot of resources on ultrabooks, netbooks, but the PC market is shrinking.“

Acer should instead focus on the tablet market, Liao said, an area of its business that’s growing, but accounts for only about 8% of its revenue. Based in Taiwan, Acer could target neighboring mainland China, where low-cost Android tablets are in demand.

Das ist totaler Quatsch. Mehr billige Tablets zu bauen, bringt das Unternehmen keinen Schritt weiter. Acers Probleme liegen ganz wo anders: Die Taiwanesen haben es bis heute nicht geschafft, ein ernsthaftes B2B-Geschäft auf die Beine zu stellen. Zu lange hat man auf weiterhin starkes Wachstum im Consumer-Markt gesetzt. Einer der Fehler wie sich jetzt zeigt.