Acer’s funky R7 laptop gets the Haswell treatment and active stylus support

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Unfortunately, Acer isn’t modifying the core design of the Aspire R7, which is unique but flawed. The hinge still allows users to flip the screen around and fold it down into a table setting, or prop it up so it’s facing the opposite direction. But as with before, the trackpad sits directly behind the keyboard instead of in front. This allows users to bring the touch screen forward without blocking the keyboard, but it makes regular laptop use tricky, as the keyboard prevents you from resting your hand behind the trackpad.

Bei Produkten wie dem Aspire R7 wundert es mich nicht, dass es Acer nicht gut geht. Hat man es mal in Händen gehalten, denkt man sich, technisch gut gemacht, aber absolut praxisuntauglich. Das Touchpad hinter der Tastatur ist für produktives Arbeiten absolut unergonomisch. Was haben sich da die Ingenieure dabei nur gedacht?