Can Same-Day Delivery Succeed This Time?

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“Everything in retail revolves on price and availability. Price is price, and availability is a measure of how fast I get it after I click on my phone,” says Jeremy Levine, a venture capitalist at Bessemer Venture Partners who invests in e-commerce companies. “A lot of the big guys are trying to crack that code.”

Not everyone is convinced. “Is this really something people want?” wonders David Bell, a marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He thinks the rush toward same-day delivery might be less of a great business idea than a by-product of furious competition by wealthy Internet companies.

Rachel Metz bestellt Kleinigkeiten wie Süßigkeiten und Socken online und lässt sie sich am selben Tag liefern. Es kommt zur Sinnfrage: Wartet der Markt eigentlich auf Dienstleistungen wie Lieferung am selben Tag?

Eine vielschichtige und lesenswerte Analyse mit durchaus interessanten Aspekten.