Dropbox releases major iOS 7 revamp with cleaner design and new features

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Dropbox had been one of the biggest apps yet to receive a refresh in line with Apple’s radical iOS 7 visual style, but that changes today. First teased earlier in the month when Dropbox announced a host of features focused on business, version 3.0 brings a cleaner design, new blue-on-white icon, and improved iPad interface that lets you easily switch in and out of fullscreen mode with a single tap. The app also supports iOS 7 features such as AirDrop, and Dropbox promises major speed improvements for viewing photos and playing back video.

Jetzt ist halt auch die Dropbox-App kosmetisch überarbeitet worden. Wirklich neu ist aber nur der AirDrop-Support. Und angeblich werden Fotos schneller geladen – ein erstes Ausprobieren kann das „gefühlt“ aber nicht bestätigen.