Mark Hurd, Oracle’s Master Salesman, Wants Your Business

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“References drive the industry,” Mr. Hurd tells the executive. “Customers want to talk to other customers.” They talk about analytic software, manufacturing software, building markets in Asia, Africa and the United States.

“We need to win this,” he says in parting.

It’s a heavy pace, but not that abnormal in Mr. Hurd’s life, says Julie Tung, Oracle’s vice president for global customer programs. “We aim to be out five weeks a quarter, generally three days of the week with customers,” she says. ”The target goal is 50 customers a day, with no more than 18 people if it is a round table, so they all feel like they’ve had some one-on-one time with Mark.”

For all the pace and numbers, though, there is one message. “The bad news is, we have 400,000 customers,” Mr. Hurd says to representatives of an insurance company. “I can’t get 400,000 more. We want to cross-sell like crazy, same as you.”

Ausführlicher und lesenswerter Hintergrundbericht zur OracleWorld in dem das Verkäuferprofil des des Ex-HP-CEO Marc Hurd gut herausgearbeitet wird.